Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sweet memory in kl

huhu nice blouse if colour pink, hmm too nice more..before i forgot i wanna story about sepanjang i be in kl at my brother house..i start with arrive at pudu bus brother tak dapat nak jemput i that evening becoz of too far and the road also jam that he told me to take a lrt..i with my blur after turun from bus mencari2 lrt station..too hard actually ye la time stay at kl dulu takde la moving like this..many development..sangat2 i ask people where the lrt with kepayahan disertai dengan two bag yang agak big and heavy..i make a walk to star lrt tired..too many i terpaksa angkat that bag..if i tarik pun kejap ajer pastu biler tiba kat tangga kena angkat when i arrive at star lrt..i take a train to masjid jamek($1.20) then must change the train to terminal i went from the star station then walk again with my two big bag..then in here i dah tersalah station..when i queue to buy a ticket..the caunter said that i dah wrong caunter..huhu..malunyer padahal before that i dah baca petunjuk dier..rupe2 nyer i masuk balik star station not putra i go back to putra, it's behind the star station actually..tersalah naik tangga.. hmmm so i bought a ticket($2.40) then ride the lrt to terminal gombak..there my brother waiting for crowded not like in star lrt..maybe putra more people use that to go la laluan ke setelah penat jerih akhirnye sampai ke destinasi yg brother and i with his new car, viva go home..i'm so tired i wanna rest..huhu.. tomorrow morning i had an interview..but that nite my brother, sister and i go out to take my brother and adik ipar to our home to join the family day next nite..hmmm next morning my brother send me to cosmo but too early..almost at 8.30 o'clock..i juz wait there then i register the interview then get a briefing from the handling course..lebih kurang kul 1 lbh2 i start do a test then finish the test around 2.30 o'clock..huhu after that i and my new friend take a lunch then i trus go home by myself..i take lrt then lrt again then a bus then arrive at home almost on 4.30 o'clock..this time too easy for me, not more to queue to buy a ticket i juz show my brother's card then pass the lorong..that nite i go to the family day petronas....i eat everything there.. brothers, sister, adik ipar and i enjoyful that nite with food and entertainment..hmmm sweet memory that i'll remember for the whole my time

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