Monday, July 23, 2007

my favourite fruit actually

hmmmm so delicious that's fruit....i already eat it when i were at my home last lovely dad bought special for me.....i eat very very much.... until i forgot that fruit it's too hot actually when we eat too much....but i dont care....i wanna eat until i feel puas sangat2....also with my baby boy amir, he also like so much with durian but time my lovely dad buy that fruit he doesn't wanna eat maybe his stomach was full that time....because of before that i already give him a plate of rice after he wake up from sleep....actually my mom told me that baby amir lovely eat firstly i wanna to hide that fruit...worried nanti her body be hot....angry lak her mom nanti...huhuhu.... but tak sempat....dier nampak dulu so terpaksa la bagi jugak dier makan.....selamat la dier tak makan sangat agaknyer rasa kekenyangan kot....huhuhu....hmmm actually i juz came to class....this morning i arrive from UUM with my bf....i stay there for 3 nite....last nite he and i take dinner at kuala perlis...we eat ikan bakar sweet and bf look berselera sungguh maybe kena with his selera kot....huhuhu....after that we take a view nite together for a while before travel go nice their beach but in my heart i'm feel so worried about tsunami...until now i dont get braveness to picnic at the worried actually...but who knows ajal sesorang right....qada n qadar...huhuhu...hmmm i have problem here....juz now one of my friends, radzi told me that they wanna make some party this thursday and he wanna me to join the party but i told him that so sorry i maybe not be there....nothing to tell him but i feel hard after all these situation that i face with myself....he said more that nak bermaafan coz dah tak lama's to nice but i'm still terasa what are does they all doin to sorry....after my trainer also invite me...also the same answer but i told her insyaAllah...maybe i come and maybe not....but i'm so surely that 99% that i not be there at thursday nite...

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