Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my dad besday

happy besday to you, happy besday to you, happy besday to you dad, happy besday to you....mmmmuahhh...luv u dad....hope u'll happiest and success in ur life dad....all people around u will be love u very very much including me, mom and others....actually today is not my dad besday...the day is yesterday but it's ok i'm stilll remember day that may dad were born in this world...on 24th july 1957....same age with merdeka but early one month.... today i wanna to describe a little bit about my dad....his name is che deris bin che dad are the youngest brother in their family....and had 3 brothers and three younger sisters....before this, my father work as a navy but since year 1996, that time i was in form three if i not forgot my dad were retired from navy....he said all the collagues doesnt want he quit but he said to us that he feel too tired....maybe so many work and task to do because of time that my dad was retired, he already be a officer so hmmmm maybe my father taught that he already reach the target...huhuhu...pandai2 ajer make a conclusion myself....huhuhu...that in my mind laa...huhuhu but i too sayang my dad...he's to caring, loving and very very prihatin with masalah anak2 nyer especially in our education....

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