Monday, June 18, 2007

something bout me

hi...morning to everyone..actually i dunno what i wanna to wrote in here...but let me give u some news...hmm news not news la just some information about me like a my personal details or something same like that all whose are read my blog name is not too long but it's too short and easy to remember even though new hearing for the once time.... noorzaizi that's my lovely name that my dad and mom gived to me....but u all can call me ziziey....i were born in white sand klate but not grown up there....just take their name only....klate people..bukan purely pun..hahaha.... hmmm what more yea i wanna tell here....hmmm i have 7 siblings and i'm 2nd one....that's include two gurlz and five boys....for your information, all of my sibling names start with letter z maybe my mom want it, but not same with my dad name...we dont have the first name "che".....hmmm i dunno why it dad are retired navy whereas my mom as a fulltime housewife...she taking care of myself and my siblings and tak luper my lovely dad also....she a nice mom that i ever had, caring, loving, can share anything with her and more than that she always know who am i and i want in deeply in her heart....also with my dad caring, loving and he so tegas especially in their children brother now stay at gombak and he already sister now stay at home...she already finished her study at UTM skudai and wait for their convocation 2nd brother at UTM skudai still study same with my 3rd brother but this one study at matricualtion level at UM....and the rest of my brothers stay at in form three and the last one in standard three...

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