Monday, October 8, 2007

newer student practical

Today turun2 pintu ofis not open yet, i thought teacher dah mai huhu nampak izwan duk kat depan pejabat..sampai2 kat depan kak ayu pun sama..hmm then wait for a minute teacher xsampai2 lagi..lastly message kat jue suruh baling kunci pejabat..duk kejap after open my pc teacher call me, she told me that she maybe late skit masuk ofis today so she leave a message to tell jue to handle a student practical when she arrive here..have a new student practical from ILP came here for apply the places of industrial training..two students actually they already have a places but something wrong somewhere there, so they wanna to change the places and came here with wish can do a industrila trainng here..mlm td dalam kul 9 my bf and his friend bertolak balik with his car..hmm and around 3 o'clock if i'm not wrong, he send me a message told me that he already arrive at tanah merah and bersahur kat situ..hmm time tu kiter xsedar pun message masuk huhuhu biler bangkit untuk bersahur yang perasan message masuk from he...then after i finish my meal (sahur) message dier masuk told me again that he dah sampai umah and he also said that this morning he'll send his friend at kubang kerian and pasir puteh..whose are accompany him from sintok, kedah..

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