Sunday, March 16, 2008

luahan hati seorang jobless

hmm ari ni xder buatper pun tapi dah bersiap ngan sepasang baju kurung, orange color...jue kata perempuan melayu terakhir....hehehe...actually plan pagi ni nak attend satu interview kat KB but i must call them the way i call then she said that their big boss not in here for this two days so the interview session maybe held on this wednesday or thursday...hmm so i were waiting for that interview...mudah-mudahan murah rezeki kat situ, tuk kat tadika tu i juz inform by sms itupun kat number tadika not pn faridah's around 10 o'clock, she call me but i didn't pick up it....worried actually if she asked me why i not come to tadika today...3 missed call....hmmm lastly she send a message (huhuhu kasar jugak bagiku mesej tu, tapi salah siapa kan)...i replied that message say sorry sesangat n xbermaksud pun nak quit camtu....but i explained to her why i quit from that tadika...maybe it's not suitable for my intention rightly...hmm so bermulalah new seraching...insyaAllah klu xder aper2 lusa i had an interview at LITEFOREX MALAYSIA...but their office hour make me in terrible actually, but for the starting i must faced it...nearer to APRIL (that thing i'll too worried)...klu xdapat jugak i must go home...accompany my mom and dad at my lovely home...huhuhu...

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