Tuesday, February 12, 2008

lastly...still here

lastly, i'm still here...no where places are suitable for me to go (confusing actually)...many forms i already take from government website and send it...so from now i must try so hard to get a best and great job that related with my qualification and my course that i take at university...too hard actually when i think about it...ye la technology was runnning so quickly, when i looked at myself, where am i, still here (xbergerak and berkembang...huhuhu) an example, now at my office nothing that i do related with my knowledge...hmmm juz make an invoice, do, salary, kwsp, typing company profile and some designs...not in programming...(dah lama rasanya tinggal benda tu semua) if i wanna do again maybe it take time to make me comfortable with that's thing....but, at least i get some knowledge about administration department tasks right...mana la tau, when the interview session, they ask me about that??? hmm at least i have an idea what i wanna going to do...so later not happen again i like a patung when interviewer ask me a question(rasa nak nangis pun ader ari tu, ye la xprepare langsung)...juz now i arrange the interview session at my office (juz the simple one)...normally wani yang arrange but today she cuti, accompany her mom operation...so bz two days....no workers anymore....yesterday i make mistake (xder la besar sangat), tp ye la dah petang (campur lak penat) bengang lak rasa....hmmm nak buat camner...tadi he ask me again about that, and i told already settle...hmmm so tired...ptg semalam pi dinner with my friend kat FOUR SEASON, then we go shopping at Billion...the end...that's all for this evening...see ya for the next session (huhuhu)

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