Thursday, January 24, 2008

poning nyer kepala ku

nothing to say here actually but,......i wanna tell something to my heart (deeply, i dunno what to do) is about my work right far ok actually but me yang buat2 ko (hehehehe)....too hard if i kena masuk in group like when do the something together in there, i must feel "pelik" and "lain", perasaan tu akan muncul, so when i come home macam2 la fikir, nak quit dari situ la hujung bulan ini....then when i go to the office next morning...the situation will come ok balik, so time tu hilang lak perasaan nak quit dari situ....but that feel will come back again and again when i rasa xpuas hati ngan staff kat dificult time when i think about it again....hmmmm argh somebody help me.....dont make a decision when i in first (but i can't, kiter tersangat2 ikutkan perasaan...too emosional person - susah nyer klu ader pasangan cam kiter ni kan hehehehe - this information juz for my ehem2)...time ni pun tgh online kat office member after ambil pengesahan ngan staff kat cni....nak antar permohonan kerja...hopefully ader rezeki kat tempat lain (insyaAllah mudah2an cepat dapat kerja yang stabil)

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